Karuna Sarawak is a Digital Transformation company that invests in Proptech such as the 

IPMS Property Management System and the Property Axis Property listing App.

IPMS Property Management System Malaysia Powered by Karuna Sarawak

Karuna Sarawak is a Digital Transformation company that invests in Proptech such as the IPMS Property Management System and the Property Axis Property listing App.

Karuna Sarawak, Leader in Proptech

Karuna is an award-winning design and technology innovation company headquartered in Sarawak. With a staff strength of over 60 individuals, we exist to help transform businesses, enhance experiences, and uplift lives since 2009.


We connect smart companies to transformational possibilities at any stage of the digitalisation journey. We serve our clients through meaningful and insightful use of design, technology and e-nnovation connections with the Karuna touch.


Our founding vision is to enhance as many lives as possible through our expertise and innovations in design and digital technology. Our founder, Melvin Ong is passionate in the research and development of Proptech software and application which contributes to the Digitalisation of the real estate industry.

Automation of staff task, paperwork & cost reduction

To streamline property developer back-office processes and saves much time and resources for more important tasks like market research, communicating with customers, and closing deals.

Secure remote transactions & digital contracting

For a faster and easier buying experience. No more tons of paper to read and sign at closing!

Direct digital engagement & reduced physical contact

To limit physical interactions with both high-use surfaces and people alike. Since the onset of Covid-19, Proptech contactless solutions like facial & QR recognition have become the new normal in the digital world.

Secure contracts

With no “middle man” that might have misaligned interests in the property purchase and sale process.

Above are some of Karuna’s Proptech solutions which aim to optimise the use of Proptech to improve the real estate industry.

IPMS Land Bank Management System

IPMS land bank management system is a solution for developers to manage the lands before the project kick starts. Land acquisitions and the parties that are involved in the process such as companies' consultants etc. Can collaborate in the system to manage lands and upcoming reducing paperwork by automating critical events and processes that needs to keep track of manually.

IPMS Property Management System

An all-purpose property management portal for real estate agencies, developers and property managers to manage their properties and automate their paperwork efficiently.

Property Website Design & Marketing

Website design has always been our core business since 2009. Build a modern, responsive, and SEO-optimized real estate company website with your own custom domain? or promote your website via Google and social media platform? All these are our expertise that we can help for you to concentrate in expending your businesses.

Property Sales Kit

Double bookings are stressful and bad for customer service. IPMS Property Sales kit resolve this headache for property salesman as it will synchronise your booking floor plan with real-time updates, whether the units are available for sales, booked or sold. Others features included as online deposit payment, auto release of the booked unit after the pre-set timing and more.

Property Axis Marketplace

First fully Sarawakian Property Portal that provides credible listings and acts as a one-stop centre for Sarawak properties. It is a platform to allow real estate developers, real estate agents and members of the public to list their properties for sale or rent.

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